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Main problems of ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING MACHINE Industry in China

Main Problems of ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING MACHINE Industry in China
1、ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING MACHINE Industry were mostly under the light industry, tobacco, packaging, building materials, postal and other industries.There is no counterpart in management,Activities scattered,Industry management and services are clearly lagging behind other industries.ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING MACHINE branch of the establishment, will help promote the development of gravure industry and technical exchanges.
2、The advantages of rotogravure printing machine also lack a comprehensive understanding,The characteristics of the international advanced level gravure machine has not really understand.Gravure In addition to the well-known printed materials of high quality, good equipment stability, simple operation, processing capacity, wide adaptability, can be used repeatedly gravure drum production costs significantly reduced, and the popularity of environmentally friendly gravure printing applications , Will greatly improve the market competitiveness of gravure printing.



3、Domestic gravure equipment and foreign advanced level compared to a considerable gap, such as gravure equipment, the speed and reliability to be improved, sleeve plate / impression cylinder, independent drive technology, closed splash device And the doctor blade rapid pressure device and other technologies to be used to promote the use of wide gravure equipment has yet to be developed. From the domestic printing market point of view, the import of equipment is basically a monopoly of gravure high-end market.
4、Rotogravure printing machine presses professional education and research also lag behind the actual production, gravure enterprises lack of senior professionals.
5、The revision of the relevant standards for gravure presses has been seriously lagging behind.

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