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What are the Maintenance Methods for Dry Laminating Machines

The maintenance methods of the dry laminating machine are as follows:
1) After the rubber roller and the roller are working every day, the glue should be wiped clean. If there is dry glue, it must not be scraped with a hard device.
2) During the operation of the dry laminating machine, some chains and sprocket should be wound into the chain for 2-3 times. After each operation, the machine should be cleaned, and the outer screw should be cleaned and the sliding surface wiped. After the net, the oil is dripped, and the grease is added to the tooth surface of the open gear transmission 2-3 times a day. On the rubber roller of the mesh line, some oil rollers on both ends of the rubber roller are filled with oil.

Dry Laminating Machine
3) Avoid the sight of excessive glue and sag everywhere. If it should be cleaned immediately, avoid corrosion.
4) When the dry laminating machine is working, the transmission cover and drying tunnel cannot be opened at will to avoid dust, impurities and personal injury.
5) If there is abnormal noise during the operation of the dry laminating machine, stop the inspection immediately.

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