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Make concerted efforts, keep striving in 2017

We bid farewell to the extraordinary 2016,hard won achievements have become the past.A year’s plan is in the spring,and now the most important thing is to do a good job in the new year’s work plan,the development and distribution of the objectives and tasks of 2017.
Looking to 2017,chance and challenge are coexisting.In the context of the market economy is still a lack of vitality,to achieve the objectives of the work,it is more demanding,more difficult and more demanding for us.



Based on 2016,the company mainly has the following 4 main objectives:1.Sales and turnover in the year 2017 to achieve an increase of more than 20%;2.Improve the organizational structure of the company.Through the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure,streamline the organization,play a leading role in the backbone,improve labor efficiency;3.Improve the compensation system.Through the full participation in the assessment,and improve the existing salary system,the income of each person and the actual operation of the company to achieve complete docking,give full play to the incentive function of compensation system;4.New product development.Through the development of new products,upgrading of old products to continue to enhance the company’s overall competitive strength.
Hope that all staff can be more full of enthusiasm into the work,get to work as soon as possible,consciously unify thought and action into this year’s work.Do,instead of talking and fearing.We must adhere to a down-to-earth working style,rational thinking,and start the new year’s work by rational thinking and quick action.
Believe that we are the best,then we will be able to succeed and attain a yet higher goal!

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