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Medium Speed Multi-layer Dry Composite Machine

PE Film Dry Composite Machine Description:

The medium speed multi-layer dry laminating machine is suitable for two-layer or multi-layer lamination of various types of plastic film, paper, aluminum foil and other roll like materials.

Multi-layer Dry Composite Machine

PE Film Dry Composite Machine Features:

1. The medium speed multi-layer dry composite machine unwinds and rolls all using an inflatable shaft.

2. Unwinding installation of dual photoelectric computer correction system.

3. The tension of the two unwinding films is automatically controlled by an automatic tension control system.

4. The anilox roller is glued, and the scraper blades imported from Switzerland are used. A separate motor is responsible for the left and right swing of the blade holder.

5. Dual frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the machine is equipped with two Japanese Yaskawa frequency converters, which respectively control the main motor and the gluing motor.

6. Install a low friction pneumatic floating roller at the entrance of the oven to achieve fully automatic control of film tension in the oven section.

7. The internal heat transfer oil of the composite heat roller is heated, with uniform temperature and low power consumption.

8. The gluing roller and composite roller are pneumatically pressurized, and the pressure can be adjusted.

9. The total length of the oven is 7.2 meters, and it is a pneumatic open type oven. The internal guide rollers are arranged in an arch shape, and are actively driven by a belt. Walkways and protective railings are installed on the side of the oven.

10. The oven is divided into three independent temperature control zones, with an external electric heating system, and each section’s temperature can be adjusted independently.

11. The internal structure of the oven is a hot air circulation structure, and the inner liner is made of 304 stainless steel. The hot air circulation is utilized to save energy.

12. Install an exhaust hood at the entrance of the oven to exhaust the high concentration gas that evaporates in the initial stage.

13. All aluminum guide rollers have undergone high hardening treatment and dynamic balance treatment.

Dry Laminating Machine Detail:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

Dry Laminating MachineTechnical Parameters:

Web material All kinds of flexible package materials
Max.Mechanical speed 450m/min
Lamination width 1300mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Coating unit drive system Controlled by independent servo
Tension control Dancing roller tension auto-control

Dry Laminating Machine Application:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

About Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery

Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery is specialized in R&D and production of printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The series include: rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, high-speed coating machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinder machine etc. All procedures from choosing suppliers, inspection of part processing, supervision of assembly, install & debug of complete set of machine have formed a complete system and flow so that the quality of our products are under control.
high speed dry compound machine equipment

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