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Multifunctional Dry Lamination Machine

Multifunctional dry lamination machine uses and features:
The multi-functional dry lamination machine is suitable for two or more layers of various kinds of plastic film, paper, aluminum foil and other roll materials. The multi-functional dry lamination machine adopts German Siemens PLC programmable control system and Taiwan Weilun color touch screen man-machine interface. Fully automatic control of the production process using the fieldbus network. PLC is responsible for the input and pre-processing of the whole machine tension, speed and other data, and is responsible for the control and output of the whole machine logic. Gluing and compounding two parts of the speed synchronization and tension configuration full digital AC frequency conversion control system (inverter motor + Japan Yaskawa inverter), to achieve full automatic tension control, reaching the advanced level of similar equipment in China.
1. Adopt Germany Siemens PLC programmable control system, the whole machine tension is automatically controlled by PLC.
2. Taiwan Weilun color touch screen man-machine interface, working status, speed, tension and other parameters are displayed and controlled centrally.
3. One-touch start/stop design of multi-function dry lamination machine, fan, heating, gluing and compound pressure roller, tension switch, host start and stop, etc. are all linked control, no need to start or stop one by one.

Dry Lamination Machine
4. Optional two-motor (double-conversion) or three-motor (three-conversion) control systems, all using Yaskawa inverters in Japan.
5. The first unwinding, the second unwinding, and the reeling are all using an inflation shaft.
6. The first unwinding installation of the dual photoelectric computer correction system, the ultrasonic outlet correction system is installed at the exit of the oven.
7. The low-friction air pressure type floating roller is installed at the entrance of the oven, and the film tension of the oven section is fully controlled by the PLC.
8. The anilox roller is glued, the Swiss imported scraper blade, and the separate motor is responsible for the left and right swing of the tool holder.
9. Multi-functional dry lamination machine composite heat roller internal heat transfer oil heating, uniform temperature and power saving.
10. The upper rubber pressure roller and the composite pressure roller are pneumatically pressurized, and the pressure can be adjusted.
11. The total length of the oven is 8 meters, the pneumatic open type oven, the inner guide roller is arranged in an arch shape, driven by the belt, and the aisle and the guard rail are installed on the side of the oven.
12. The oven is divided into four sections of independent temperature control zone, external electric heating system, each temperature can be adjusted separately.
13. The inside of the oven is a hot air circulation structure, and the inner tank adopts 304 stainless steel, and the hot air circulation utilizes energy conservation.
14. Install a front exhaust hood at the entrance of the oven to discharge the high-concentration gas that has been volatilized at the beginning.
15. All aluminum guide rolls are highly hardened and dynamically balanced.

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