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Multifunctional Solvent-less Lamination Machine Working Principle and Using Skills

At present, the solvent-less lamination machine used at home and abroad are mostly two-layer composite, single station receiving and winding structure. The main components of the structure are: a first unwinding unit, a coating unit, a second unwinding unit, a compound unit and a winding unit.
The working Principle of solvent-less Lamination Machine:
Solvent-less Lamination machine due to different applications are divided into:
Solvent-less special type.
Solvent-less and dry complex type.
Multi-functional combination.

Solvent-less lamination machine using skills:
1,Increasing the amount of coating, the amount of glue is too little or part of the substrate surface is not coated with adhesive, will lead to two composite substrate difficult to fit. We can choose roller network points deep, or by increasing the rubber roller pressure and decrease contact pressure roller blade and to increase the amount of glue on the surface of the substrate material. For some plastic films, can be used in corona treatment before coating, the surface of the raising of HP, so as to improve the ability of substrate adsorption adhesive, the amount of glue on the surface increased.
2,The choice of suitable drying temperature is too high or too low, will affect the bonding fastness of composite film. When the coating substrate is heated or heated at high temperature, the surface of the adhesive will be carbonized and the adhesive ability of the adhesive will be destroyed. When the drying temperature is too low, the adhesive is incomplete, the adhesive is poor, the composite is not firm, and after a period of time, the composite film is easy to form bubbles and destroy the composite quality of the product. Of course, we can choose high temperature and good steaming adhesive digital printing machine, to adapt to higher temperature drying.
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