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Non-woven PE Film Dry Composite Machine

PE Film Dry Composite Machine Description:

Non-woven PE coating dry composite machine is suitable for all kinds of non-woven fabrics, clothing lining fabrics and other fabrics to spread hot melt into the oven into the cloth after rapid cooling and direct coolling, through PE, HDPE, LDPE, PA, EVA, EVAL, PES and other hot melt adhesive powder can achieve all kinds of adhesion interlining cloth powder required effect. A wide range of services in clothing, insoles, automotive interior, luggage, shoes and hats and other industries.

PE Film Dry Composite Machine

PE Film Dry Composite Machine Features:

1. The non-woven PE coating dry laminating machine adopts an imported temperature control system to ensure a constant drying temperature, with a temperature difference of less than ± 2 ℃, and to ensure stable product width.

2. Adopting a special heating system, the heating is fast, ensuring stable hot melting effect.

3. Adopting an energy-saving and energy-saving insulation oven to prevent temperature loss.

4. The mixing and vibration system of the powder spreading head ensures uniform powder spreading on the material surface.

5. The transmission adopts a frequency conversion synchronous control system to ensure synchronization between vehicle speed and powder spreading, ensuring even and stable powder spreading control.

6. The length of the oven can be selected based on production capacity.

Dry Laminating Machine Detail:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

Dry Laminating MachineTechnical Parameters:

Web material All kinds of flexible package materials
Max.Mechanical speed 300m/min
Lamination width 1300mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Coating unit drive system Controlled by independent servo
Tension control Dancing roller tension auto-control

Dry Laminating Machine Application:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

About Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery

Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery is specialized in R&D and production of printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The series include: rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, high-speed coating machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinder machine etc. All procedures from choosing suppliers, inspection of part processing, supervision of assembly, install & debug of complete set of machine have formed a complete system and flow so that the quality of our products are under control.
high speed dry compound machine equipment

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