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Paper Aluminum Foil Dry Laminating Machine

Aluminum Foil Dry Laminating Machine Description:

The paper aluminum foil dry laminating machine is suitable for composite protective films on the surface of various flexible metal materials such as steel plates, steel strips, aluminum foils, etc. Adopting a heat transfer oil drum for heating, the heating is uniform, improving the smoothness of the fitting and the adhesive strength of the product, while occupying less space.

Paper Aluminum Foil Dry Laminating Machine

Aluminum Foil Dry Laminating Machine Features:

1. The paper aluminum foil dry laminating machine adopts a unit frame structure, and the machine length can be selected according to production needs.

2. AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation, multi-point synchronous control for front traction, coating, composite traction, winding, etc.

3. The perfect combination of PLC program control and human-machine interface has the advantages of precision, sensitivity, easy operation, and anti-interference.

4. According to the actual process requirements, various measurement coating methods can be used, such as comma roller, measuring roller, wire winding roller, air knife, etc.

5. The drying section adopts a segmented independent constant temperature drying system, which can adopt various heating methods such as hot air circulation or infrared radiation; Each temperature zone automatically controls temperature, with an adjustable circulating intake and exhaust system.

6. The guide rollers inside the oven are installed in a master-slave dual sliding mode, and are synchronously driven with the host machine; The oven can be equipped with two side open doors or cylinder top open, with two side operation and maintenance platforms and protective barriers.

7. Automatic counting, automatic speed increase and decrease, automatic belt breakage detection, automatic fault alarm, automatic clutch of pneumatic components, etc.

8. The unwinding and unwinding of the coil adopts a dual station turnover type or a single station hydraulic lifting type, and the material coil is loaded and unloaded using an inflatable shaft method.

Dry Laminating Machine Detail:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

Dry Laminating MachineTechnical Parameters:

Web material All kinds of flexible package materials
Max.Mechanical speed 200m/min
Lamination width 1300mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Coating unit drive system Controlled by independent servo
Tension control Dancing roller tension auto-control

Dry Laminating Machine Application:

high speed dry compound machine equipment

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Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery is specialized in R&D and production of printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The series include: rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, high-speed coating machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinder machine etc. All procedures from choosing suppliers, inspection of part processing, supervision of assembly, install & debug of complete set of machine have formed a complete system and flow so that the quality of our products are under control.
high speed dry compound machine equipment

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