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Plastic Bag Dry Laminating Machine

The plastic bag dry laminating machine is a highly efficient equipment specially used to bond different materials, such as plastic film, aluminum foil or paper, together to form a composite film through a dry laminating process.

Plastic Bag Dry Laminating Machine

Dry Laminating Machine Working Principle:

After the dry laminating machine applies glue, the solvent is fully dried by heating and exhausting, and then the composite is performed in a dry state, thereby ensuring the quality and performance of the composite material.

Dry Laminating Machine Precautions:

1. The dry laminating machine needs to strictly abide by the safety operating procedures during operation to prevent any possible safety accidents. For example, the operator should check whether the machine is clean, whether the components are firm, and whether there are foreign objects on the gears before starting the machine.

Plastic Bag Dry Laminating Machine

2. During the operation of the dry laminating machine, the tension of the substrate needs to be kept appropriate. Excessive or insufficient tension will cause wrinkles or deformation of the material. In addition, the maintenance and care of the dry laminating machine is also very important. For example, the glue roller and the closing roller need to be cleaned after each use to prevent the glue from drying.

3. The temperature control and glue formula of the dry laminator machine will also directly affect the firmness of the composite, so it needs to be adjusted according to different substrates and product requirements.

Dry laminator is an indispensable equipment in the printing and packaging industry. Through precise process control and strict operating procedures, it provides us with high-quality composite materials.

Plastic Bag Dry laminator Video:

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