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Polyester Film Printing Machine

Polyester film printing machine is mainly used in high-precision printing fields such as packaging materials, labels, stickers, aluminum foil, etc. The main structure of the rotogravure printing machine includes paper feeding, ink feeding, printing, drying and paper collection, and each part has an important impact on printing quality and efficiency.

Polyester Film Printing Machine

Polyester Film Printing Machine Working Principle:

The polyester film printing equipment adopts the characteristics of the image part on the gravure plate being concave and the blank part being convex, and fills the concave part with ink and transfers the ink to the substrate by pressure to achieve printing.

Polyester Film Printing Machine

During the printing process, the entire plate cylinder is inked, and then the ink scraper is used to scrape off the ink on the blank part of the plate, leaving only the ink on the image part. After that, the paper is embossed on the back of the paper through the impression cylinder, so that the ink in the concave part is directly transferred to the paper surface, thereby completing the printing.

Polyester Film Printing Equipment Features:

1. The polyester film printing equipment adopts a direct printing method of round-to-round pressing. The printing plate is directly made on the plate cylinder, and the ink is supplied by dipping or inkjet, and no ink uniformity mechanism is required. Due to the thick ink layer, volatile quick-drying ink is usually used and equipped with a drying device.

Polyester Film Printing Machine

2. The ink feeding device can be direct ink immersion or indirect inkjet, and the drying part may use hot air heated by electricity or steam, or even infrared or far-infrared lamps to ensure that the ink dries quickly.

3. The polyester film rotogravure printing machine is capable of large-scale printing operations while maintaining the stability of printing quality.

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