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Press manufacturers break the routine to create a new chapter in the embossed printing industry

Printing machine is a kind of paper processing equipment, printing machine manufacturers mainly for paper mills single sheet paper processing and printing company printing products shaping processing, printing machine manufacturers honeycomb packaging cardboard later, also use printing press cut paper Cellular printing movement. In these years, printing machine manufacturers to carry out the printing machine in the printing machinery products accounted for the primary concave and convex printing press position is weak, the printing press in this extensive, in the printing industry, also has a wide range of areas.
Printing presses used in non-paper printing processing, printing press manufacturers such as PS version, leather, hard plastic and other information cut. Printing machine is a common equipment, printing press manufacturers use the scale of the three Indian companies, almost every printing company should be equipped with printing presses, printing machinery commodity line, the annual sales of the largest embossing machine is a small lithographic printing presses, The second is the printing press printing press, embossing press it in the printing company is one of the necessary equipment.

Printing presses, printing industry into the embossing of the printing process is accelerating, the printing press manufacturers that the advent of this printing press can be described as coincides with that time. UVLED skills are now ready to meet all the needs of shopping malls, which means that we can more quickly make the short pieces of live parts into the post-press processing time, because the printing press from the Brush printer manufacturers have come out completely boring. “The machine can be printed on the most common choice for the perfect printing, ink processing of books and plastic shaping has been replaced by three sides of the book embossing machine embossed large quantities of packaged goods from the molding die-cutting machine, flexible printing can survive bump Presses and more to complete the advantages. “KBA said. Surgical equipment out of a production line, corrugated printing press manufacturers to complete slotting machine.
Printing a lot of India cut the small commodities, such as trademarks, stickers patch fiber penetration into the problem, which can produce a real high-quality final print. Low-end equipment is not only able to meet domestic demand, there are some exports to the world of shopping malls. The company’s new product development speed, the new commodity production rate of more than 50% of soft packaging mainly by flexo and gravure printing, the printer manufacturer category is the world’s fastest growing packaging category, bump printing machine to increase the speed of some UV glazing Of the matte / high gloss glazing effect. Printing press manufacturers on demand standing printing press. Printing machine manufacturers to follow the technological level of progress, the level of automation of the printing press forward quickly, hydraulic, program-controlled, embossing press computer-controlled printing machines accounted for shopping malls mainstream.

The printing press machine manufacturers to make a major breakthrough in the printing press machine manufacturers on behalf of contemporary advanced technology to carry out the direction of the computer-to-plate machine, spray technology, printing technology, Ink digital presses, satellite flexo presses and other high-tech equipment development breakthroughs, the progress of the flood side. “Flexo printing machine using low-solvent printing ink and a new generation of water-based ink, and the use of non-absorption data Of the radiation-curing inks, printing press manufacturers to compare it with gravure printing press manufacturers, with more 4% to 5%.
The increase in the number of flexible packaging malls is closely related to the increase in print quality achieved through prepress, press construction and embossing press colors, as well as to the sustainable development and environmental sustainability of low relocation inks and non-relocation inks National companies. With the printing machinery manufacturing company plus printing machine manufacturers technology convex and concave printing function means and check the skills of the cut, the computer for printing companies in the company’s new product development has been used in the convex printing process greatly shorten the printing press manufacturers a new product development cycle, Embossing printing machine business card printing and membership card making machine home printer industry gradually convergence with the world.

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