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PVC Film Rotogravure Printing Machine

Gravure printing machine is an advanced printing equipment widely used in industries such as packaging, labeling, and stickers. With its excellent quality and efficient production capacity, gravure printing equipments have become the preferred choice for many enterprises. The gravure printing machine uses a circular press direct printing method, where the printing plate is directly made on the printing plate cylinder and fed with ink through immersion or inkjet methods, without a uniform ink mechanism. Due to the thick ink layer, the use of highly volatile fast drying ink requires a drying device.

Rotogravure printing machines, with their unique gravure printing process, can achieve high-quality printing effects on various materials. It can print delicate, clear, and long-lasting patterns and text, whether it is a simple label or a complex packaging design, it can meet customer requirements.

PVC Film Rotogravure Printing Machine

In addition, film gravure printing machines have the characteristics of being fast and efficient. It adopts an automated control system that can accurately control printing speed and quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs. The Rotogravure printing equipments, also has the function of rapid adjustment and plate changing, which can meet the needs of short plate and multi variety production.

PVC Film Rotogravure Printing Machine

The advantages of Rotogravure printing equipments  not only lie in their printing quality and production efficiency, but also include the following three aspects:
1、 Versatility: Gravure printing machines can be applied to various materials, such as plastic, paper, metal, etc., and can achieve various printing effects, such as gravure printing, embossing, silk screen printing, etc.
2、 Reliability and stability:The  gravure printing machine adopts high-quality components and advanced technology to ensure its stable operation and long-term reliability.

3、 Environmental protection and energy conservation: Gravure printing machines use low VOC ink and energy management systems to reduce environmental impact and save energy consumption.

If you are a company that requires high-quality printing and efficient production, we sincerely invite you to consider introducing our company’s film gravure printing machine equipments. We have a professional team and advanced equipment that can provide customized solutions and meet your specific needs.

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