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PVC Plastic Film Laminating Machine

PVC plastic film laminating machine adopts the dry laminator machine produced by Lida Packaging Machinery, which is mainly used to bond different types of film materials together through a dry laminating process to form a composite film with specific functions. The dry laminator is widely used in the production of packaging materials in the food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

PVC Plastic Film Laminating Machine

Plastic Film Laminating Machine Working principle:

The working principle of the PVC plastic film laminating machine is to first heat the substrate coated with glue through an oven to evaporate the solvent in the glue, and then compound the substrate with another material in a dry state. This process can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the stability of the quality of the composite material.

The design of the PVC plastic film laminating machine usually includes a high-precision cast iron frame, an automatic deviation-correcting retracting and unloading system, a three-roll pneumatic laminating system, a closed hot air drying system, and a multi-motor shaftless transmission system. These advanced designs make the dry laminating  machine highly automated and accurate in the production process, and can meet the requirements of different customers for the performance and quality of the composite film. In addition, the dry laminator machine is also equipped with a PLC computer central control system, which can achieve more precise operation control and production management.

Plastic Film Laminating Machine Details:

PVC Plastic Film Laminating Machine

Plastic Film Laminating Machine Maintenance:

In terms of maintenance and care, the operator needs to clean the dry laminating machine regularly to ensure that no glue remains on the surface or inside the machine. At the same time, the key components of the PVC film laminator machine need to be lubricated to ensure the normal operation of the dry laminating machine and extend its service life. During operation, safety operating procedures also need to be followed to prevent accidents from occurring.

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