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Quality Equation of LIDA Machinery:100-1=0

Quality is the product of life, is the guarantee of competitiveness, it directly affects the corporate image and product image.As the Japanese operating God Kounosuke Matsushita said: “For the product, if not 100 points then 0 points.” Any product, as long as there is a slightest quality problems, means that failure, can be described as “A little leak will sink a great ship”.

Rotogravure Printing Machine
Since the beginning of lida Machinery,we always adhere to the “quality first, pioneering and innovative; customer first, continuous improvement, 100% customer satisfaction” ,We require every employee to be the product as “art” to craft, always holding a magnifying glass to observe our products, do not miss any of the details. After 20 years of ups and downs, We felt 100-1 = 0 the product quality equation, which requires the product quality must be 100% qualified, if there is 1% of the failure, then all the effort will go to 0.

Dry lamination machine
Lida Machinery has always make “rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinding machine” as the main products for 20 years .We think that only “do fine” in order to eventually win the favor of customers.Reduce the products and to mature models for standardized production, constantly strengthen the staff of the assembly skills and enhance the product design concept.
100 products, 99 pieces have excellent quality, only one is defective, it means that the product will be 100% lost market competitiveness, because the market has no 1% lucky. For any enterprise, have to do not allow any defective products factory, where the listing of products must be 100% qualified, which is the fundamental long-term business to maintain credibility.

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