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Quality,Service-Knocking Brick of the Gate to Success

The Solvent-less lamination machine of GOLD STONE company successful acceptance.
“ Faith will move mountains”. This is the motto of GOLD STONE company.In fact, this famous saying applies to every enterprise,include LIDA Machinery.LIDA always adhere to ensure the customer excellent product quality, and timely after-sales service,what impress GOLD STONE company which always choose foreign brands when do equipment procurement.This time, the GOLD STONE signed a solvent-less lamination machine procurement contracts with LIDA,what can be said that it is not only the success to LIDA,but also the success of domestic equipment.
Gold stone Pack has been awarded as “Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province”, “One of The Top Fifty Printing Enterprise of China”, “National Excellent Packaging and Service Enterprise of Dairy Products”,”National Excellent Packaging Brand”,”The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Brand (2010,2011,2012)”, “National High- tech Enterprise”, etc. In the field of dairy products, pharmaceutical packaging field, the field of personal care products, Gold stone Pack has absolute influence of the enterprise.What Gold stone Pack see is the Excellent level of LIDA’s solvent-less lamination equipment and the advantage of service.

Solvent-less Lamination Machine

Along with the increasing development of economy, science and technology, LIDA deeply felt the importance of improving product quality. Always put the quality in the first place,and also to implement the heart of every employee in the company, strong quality consciousness; Pursue quality, pay more attention to detail, from the little things, care for the quality of products like to care for life.When quality of products become a company in the market based on the fundamental and development of the guarantee ,the quality of the product determines the fate of the company’s development.
Good and timely product service has become the best way for the company to increase the added value of products, to implement the differentiation strategy, and to gain competitive advantage. Good service can effectively reduce the loss of customers and win more new customers. And effective promotion of the company’s continued growth in profits.
This success of LIDA in GOLD STONE company , will become a force of LIDA to make more efforts to force the development of new products,to pursue product quality, improve after-sales service.

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