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Product description

LYA-D Series Rotogravure Printing Machine Description:

UNWIND AND REWIND: Cantilever turret whirling stand with double arm & double station, length adjustable shaft-less air cap device. Automatic web roll exchange with cutting device.

PRINTING: The rotogravure printing machine has high precision and no backlash servo driver.Shaft-less air cap to install printing cylinder, the internal and external shaft sleeve type. Horizontal & vertical register system, also with preregister. High precision and less waste. Doctor blade drove by independent motor. Adjustable heavy closed blade in three sections.Ink is passed by ink transfer roll.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

DRYER: Dry ovens are whole insulation design. Low consumption oven with high air volume and pressure, multi-return and whirlwind distributed ,controlled by PLC.

CONTROL: The rotogravure printing machine use imported servo motor tension control system.Main components are imported brands. Adopted dc bus motion,reduce the energy consumption of motor.Touch screen control and surveillance system. The perfect security system helps watching working condition and estimate machine error.

Technical parameter
Applicable material Plastic film. Paper
Mechanical speed 350 m/min
Web material width 850. 1050. 1250. 1450. 1650 mm
Registration precision ≤± 0.10 mm
Dia. of unwind and rewind Ф 600. 800 mm
Dia. of plate cylinder Ф 120 mm – Ф 300 mm
Dry method Electricity. Steam. Thermal oil or Gas
Optional functions Independent turret type or disc type.Ink trolley. Reverse printing system. LEL Energy saving system.
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