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Safety operation of dry lamination machine

Dry lamination machine is a dry composite process will be different plastic film together to form a composite film machine. However, dry lamination machine in the course of operation, must be strictly in accordance with the operating rules to operate, to avoid the occurrence of security incidents. What is the safe operation of dry lamination machine?
1. The operator should wipe the machine before starting the machine, add lubricating oil, and carefully check the various parts of the loose, off, the gear with or without foreign body, the normal before the boot.
2. Pass the substrate through the guide roller, tension roller, upper rubber roller, guide roller and oven as required. Guide roller, tension roller, the substrate itself should be no wrinkles.
3. No special circumstances, the dry lamination machine should be slow start, stop should be slow down.
4. The substrate should adhere to the appropriate tension in the walking, tension is too small when the composite is easy to show oblique wrinkles; tension is too large, the substrate will be stretched in the process of vertical wrinkles. In particular, the tension of the two base materials should be coordinated to avoid the composite material after two different stress and deformation.
5. Tension adjustment can be adjusted separately: roll out the tension, feed tension, discharge tension, coiling tension.
6. After the operation can be adjusted after the discharge and into the compound when the adjustment of the drum around the right and left, to eliminate oblique wrinkles, due to the parallel cylinder inaccurate will also show wrinkles, it should be adjusted.



7. Glued anilox roller and its rubber roller can not be stained with grease or foreign matter, before the need to empty the car rolling network roller, so that the network roller with a layer of uniform glue, two roll surface can not have dry glue or foreign matter, Solvent wipe, must not be removed with a hard device.
8. Should always adjust the axial direction of the discharge shaft, put the base material walking and machine center prevail, when a roll of base material is finished, put on another tube material with tape to end to end, can not stop or Deceleration, continuous operation.
9. The clutch on the spindle should be stopped when it is disengaged.
10. Oven temperature and speed and glue formula, will directly affect the complex fastness, oven temperature can be faster to write faster, but should ensure that the solvent evaporates.
11. Glue formula varies according to substrate varieties, glue should be mixed with, and with the use with.
12. Cots are suitable for ethyl acetate solvents.

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