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Seven innovations for rotogravure printing machine

1, automatic rotogravure printing machine fluctuations
In the production process, the automatic fluctuation through the accurate measurement technology test, the different diameter, the different width roll material automatic clamp position, then the lifting device automatically completes the drum material from the position the equipment, the automatic detection process enhances the raw material and the finished product weight , Production and management, rather than manual processing, not only solved the gravure printing machine to play the normal efficiency and accessibility can not meet the bottleneck, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the operator’s labor intensity.
2,rotogravure printing machine automatic cutting technology
In the use of automatic cutting technology, the entire process of automatic cutting material can be placed in the feeding on the shelf, in the cutting process without human intervention, can complete the entire cutting action. BOPP film thickness of 0.018 mm, for example, automatic cutting volume of residual material can be controlled in the length of 10 m. Automatic cutting technology in the application of gravure printing equipment, reduce dependence on operators, equipment, improve work efficiency.
3, rotogravure printing machine overprint technical information
The application of overprinting intelligent predictive technology is mainly in the initial stage of the process, reducing operator-to-balance versions by using manual steps directly using the version of the keyway roller and the Mark line on the screen one-to-one relationship, Automatic zero identification, an earlier version of the implementation process. Early version of the process has been completed, the system according to the long calculation of the color between the automatic rotation of the plate roll, automatic calibration position, automatic alignment function.
4, rotogravure printing machine ink roller semi-closed ink tank
Rotogravure printing machine main features: can effectively prevent the ink phenomenon in high-speed running state. Semi-closed ink tank can reduce the evaporation of organic solvents to ensure a stable high-speed printing ink process. Recycling of the ink from 18 L is now reduced to approximately 9.8 L. Since the pass between the ink roller and the plate roller always guarantees a time of 1 – 1.5 mm, the next pass through the ink roller and the roller rolling process can effectively promote the transfer to The ink roller grids point in order to better realize the shallow network is gradually reduced.
5, rotogravure printing machine intelligent data management system
Rotogravure printing machine main functions: intelligent data platform control system can read the selected machine operating parameters and status, to achieve the necessary monitoring and parameter backup storage; field intelligent data platform can accept remote intelligent data platform technology parameters and order requirements, and Authorization to determine whether to achieve the process parameters of remote intelligent data platform control system man-machine interface, and so on.
6, rotogravure printing machine figures nervous
Digital tension setting Manual valve pressure Directly set the tension value to update the man-machine interface, the tension of the man-machine interface Each value of the device and accurately expressed through the digital image, not only reduces the dependency on the operator in the production process equipment, Intelligent operation of the device.
7, rotogravure printing machine hot air energy saving technology
At present, Rotogravure printing equipment on the application of the main hot-air energy-saving heat pump technology heating technology, heat pipe technology and automatic hot air circulation system and explosion lower limit control three.
1, heat pump heating technology. Heat pump efficiency is much higher than the electric, heat pump is gravure printing equipment commonly used in air to heat pump, the actual test can save 60% to 70%.
2, heat pipe technology. Hot air system using the heat pipe technology in operation, the hot air into the oven, the discharge port, FengKouChu secondary air return device, part of the wind directly involved in the secondary thermal cycle, the other part of the wind as a safe exhaust system. This part of the safe exhaust, with heat pipe heat exchanger effective waste heat recovery.
3, automatic hot air circulation system, lower explosive limit control. Using the lower limit of explosion control automatic hot air circulation system, can achieve the following results: to meet the minimum LEL explosion limits and residual solvent does not exceed the premise, to maximize the use of the second return air, energy saving 45%, 30% . The corresponding exhaust reduction, and for future rows, can be reduced by 30% to 40% of the investment tail gas treatment.

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