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Product description

Shaftless gravure printing machine uses:
The shaftless gravure printing machine is suitable for multi-color continuous printing of roll materials with excellent printing performance such as BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, CPP, cellophane, paper and aluminum foil.

Gravure Printing Machine
Shaftless gravure printing machine features:
1, printing color: 1-13
2. The printing color group can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements, and the printing can be completed continuously in both the front and the back.
3. The rewinding and unwinding rolls adopt double-station reversing structure;
4, the host inverter motor
5, unwinding and unwinding traction using magnetic powder brake and automatic tension system
6. Winding motor control is adopted for winding and winding traction.
7, shaftless gravure printing machine printing roller, traction roller, scraper, etc. are pneumatic
8, loading mode: gas top without shaft mounted version
9, ink circulation system
10, color system: manual or computer automatic color (customer)

Technical parameter
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