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Solutions to Common Problems in the Use of Gravure Printing Machines

Solutions to Common Problems in Gravure Printing Machine Use:
The common problem in the use of gravure printing machine is the printing method. When the gravure printer prints, the full plate of the plate cylinder is inked. The ink is scraped off by the squeegee, leaving some ink on the plate, and then the paper is pressed. The printing cylinder is embossed on the reverse side of the paper, so that some of the concave ink is directly transferred to the paper surface, and finally the printed product is piled up or rewinded by the delivery paper. Using a gravure printer, the ink color is uneven and the print exhibits a periodic ink color change.

Gravure Printing Machine

The method of sweeping is to check the roundness of the plate cylinder, adjust the point of view of the doctor blade, pressure or replace the new doctor blade. The imprinted crepe prints the image level and level, the paste, and the image shows the appearance of the burr. The method of sweeping is to remove the static electricity on the surface of the substrate, participate in the polar solvent in the ink, appropriately increase the printing pressure, and adjust the orientation of the doctor blade. Using a gravure printing machine, the blocking ink is dried in the printed version of the cell, or the image of the plate is stuffed with paper and paper powder, called the block. The method of sweeping is to increase the content of the solvent in the ink, reduce the boring speed of the ink, and print on paper with high surface strength. Ink spill prints have some mottled appearance on the ground. The method of sweeping is to increase the hardness of the ink by adding hard varnish. Adjust the viewpoint of the gravure press squeegee, improve the printing speed, and replace the deep cell print plate with a shallow mesh plate.

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