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Solvent-free Compound Machine Features

Comparing with traditional dry compounding, solventless laminating machine has many advantages in reducing costs, improving product quality, environmental protection, production safety and stability, etc. It is a production method worthy of advocacy and of great practical value.
1. Reducing Production Costs The solvent-free composite equipment does not require drying and drying tunnels. Therefore, the structure is compact, the space is small, and the equipment cost is low, which can significantly reduce the production cost of the composite film.
2. Less gluing material and low cost of rubber compound The solvent-free composite unit area adhesive coating is about 40% of the dry compounding rate. Although the relative cost of the solvent-free compound adhesive is relatively high, the overall cost is reduced by 30%. The production cost of composite products per unit area is low.
3. Solvent-free multi-functional machine consumes low energy. The non-solvent equipment is not dried and does not need to pass the drying tunnel to eliminate the solvent in the adhesive and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the longer drying oven used for the solvent in the volatile adhesive was eliminated, eliminating the problem of material curling. Material travels short on the equipment, reducing waste generation.
4. The high speed of the production line, the highest linear speed without solvent compound up to 480re/rain, generally around 300m/rain, compound speed, solvent-free compound machine production efficiency.
5. The product quality is guaranteed and the efficiency is improved. The adhesive used in the solvent-free compounding does not contain solvent, so it has no pollution to the package and is more suitable for food packaging; at the same time, since the composite substrate will not be deformed, the composite film structure will be stable in size. Good performance; In addition, the solvent-free compounding device has an on-line corona treatment unit, which has good composite properties for films with reduced surface tension and high lubricant content.
6. Reduce labor and safety protection costs, compact equipment structure, fewer operators, and reduce labor costs. There is no solvent volatilization in the solvent-free compounding process, and almost no three-waste material is generated, so as to avoid environmental pollution and facilitate clean production.
7. The safety is good. The solvent-less lamination machine has good safety and can minimize the risk of fire and explosion. The factory factory and production workshop do not need special fire prevention and explosion protection measures. In summary, the cost of solvent-free composite processing is significantly lower than that of dry compounding. At the same time, production efficiency is improved, and there is no pollution to food packaging. This is beneficial to improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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