lida machine
lida machine

LWF-1300A Series Solvent-less Lamination Machine

This solvent-less lamination machine is suitable for the double-layer or multiple-layer lamination of such roll film material as BOPP, PET, nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminum foil and paper, etc.
Main Structure Characters of Solvent-less Lamination Machine:
Unwind and rewind of solvent-less lamination machine: Our solvent-less lamination machine can rewind and unwind forward and backward with shaft-less, and this print machine adopted the European imports of dc bus motion controller control, the solvent-less lamination machines effectively guarantee the stability of the tension control and high precision.

Solvent-less Lamination Machine

Solvent-less lamination machine coating: With high precision 5 roller coating method, and the high precision servo motor drive.
Lamination section of solvent-less lamination machinery: Equipped with the high precision chrome composite roll. Steel roller interior design spiral flow path for precise temperature control of the roller. And the design of imported pneumatic brake can achieve rapid shutdown and tension. Independent cooling roller of solvent-less lamination machine, which can effectively control the amount of deformation of the material to ensure the uniformity of rewinding.
Tension control of solvent-less lamination machine: Through the low friction, short stroke and high spinning tension oscillating roller control so as to realize the digital tension control. The whole system of solvent-less lamination machine can be set tension compared with actual tension, so as to automatically adjust the tension.
Main Technical Parameters  of Solvent-less Lamination Equipment:

Web material All kinds of soft package base materials
Max.Mechanical Speed 450m/min
Max.Lamination Width 1300mm
Max.Rewind&Unwind Dia. Ф1000mm
Coating unit device Independent servo control
Tension control system swinging arm type
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