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Solvent-less Lamination Machine Technology

Solvent-less Lamination Machine Technology:

Solvent-less lamination machine technology was developed on the basis of the organic solvent in the 1970s oil crisis and the increasing demand for environmental protection in the world. In particular, with the increase in the emission of organic solvents, flexible packaging manufacturers in the expansion of the production capacity of composite materials, generally using solvent-free lamination machine to replace the traditional solvent laminationing technology. For example, in North America, in 1992, there were only 26 solvent-free lamination machines. This number has been turned over several times in the past eight years. In the past 10 years,  lamination machine technology has developed rapidly in Europe. Its main features are:

Plastic Film High Speed Solventless Lamination Machine
1. 100% binder, no solvent residue, reducing the content of packaging, especially food, medicine and other pollution.

2. The solvent-less lamination machine has a higher running speed. Currently, the speed of the device can be m / 480m high.

3. Less adhesive consumption. The calculation shows. By comparing imported solvent-free two-component adhesives with domestic solvents, the cost of solvent-free adhesives can be reduced by 29%.

4. Reduce the energy consumption of the solventless lamination machine.

5. Better return on investment. The investment efficiency of the solventless lamination machine is higher than that of the solvent type lamination machine.

6. Reduce the risk of organic solvent transport and storage.

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