lida machine
lida machine

Solvent-less Lamination Machine

Main Function Features of Solvent-less Lamination Machine:

This solvent-less lamination machine is a kind of high-tech energy-saving environmental protection product; which has been combined working on thin film and light paper materials by using solvent-less adhesive new technology. The type of solvent-less laminating machine specially designed is according to international environmental protection energy-saving new technology and our years of experience in manufacturing coating machine.

The structure of machine is rational designed, high-precision processed, full-featured system controlled and gets high degree automation. Industrial PLC control, human-machine interface operation and electric parts all have adopted domestic top quality products to ensure the stability of the equipment.

1. The whole control system is of programmable control. The feature of human-machine interface operation can achieve the automated control, and gets to the international advanced level of similar equipment.

2. PLC is responsible for the data input and preprocessing of tension, speed and production process, and is also responsible for feedback control of machine software.

Solvent-less Lamination Machine
3. The whole machine consists of first unwinding, adhesive systems, and solvent-less coating; the second unwinding, traction lamination, and rewinding and main control system.

4. The solvent-less lamination machine device has used high-precision five-roll clockwise and anticlockwise differential structure and driven by the servo motor to precisely control the speed and coating amount.

5. Two-component solvent-less adhesive installation is developed by the Eagles and domestic scientific research institution together, and is stable quality, cost-effective.

6. The structure of unwinder and rewinder device is of uniaxial single-station and no axis top loading device and is disposed oil hydraulic trolley to easy load and unload film material and configuration EPC edge position correction system automatically.

7. The drive and automatic tension control system of the unwinder and rewinder consists of AC motors, encoders, low-friction cylinder vice; precision potentiometer, AC frequency conversion closed loop vector drives, tension control program modules, with the speed synchronization, tension, taper automatic control functions.

8. Composite device consists of steel roller, adhesive roller, laminating roller, cooling roller etc., AC motor drive, and frequency conversion closed-loop vector control.

9. All passive rollers use rigid aluminum alloy tube (hard anodized surface treatment.

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