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Spain Impresión de Flexibles Company Order 2 sets of ELS Rotogravure Printing Machine

Clearly remember last year is also the sun like this summer, Spain Impresión de Flexibles company and Jiangyin Lida machinery for the first time in hand cooperation.Today, Jiangyin Lida machinery’s rotogravure printing machine is showing the charm of Chinese-made in a distant exotic country.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

After a year of comparison, the cost of the LIDA Machinery’s product is far beyond the Italy, Spain and other European equipment on the same stage of competition.It is because of the stability, advanced product , Spain Impresión de Flexibles company has signed other two rotogravure printing machine purchase orders without hesitation.The customer’s additional orders to fully explain that Lida’s products have also been accepted very good by the European developed countries.This is not only the success of LIDA machinery, but also the success of China’s printing press manufacturing industry.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

At present, the Spanish Impresión de Flexibles company will also replace the original Dry-lamination machine and solvent-less lamination machine with our products. The European market is an open big market, but as the high access threshold,and the requirements of all aspects of the product can not be compared with the domestic,so it is very difficult to enter the European market. LIDA has deeply touch the customer by virtue of superior quality. I believe we will have a very broad prospects in the European market.


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