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Special Paper High Speed Gravure Printing Machine Uses:
Special paper high speed gravure printing machine is suitable for printing paper materials such as food, pharmaceutical packaging, cigarette packets, wine bags, decorative paper, transfer printing paper, carton preprinting. Paper thickness: 30 g – 300 g.
1. Retractable and unwinding pneumatic lifting, pneumatic topping.
2. Unwinding tension is made by Mitsubishi of Japan, magnetic powder brake 10KG (Ningxia).
3. Winding torque motor 60N.M (Singapore joint venture).

Gravure Printing Machine
4. Electrical appliances using Schneider.
5. Guide roller adopts flattening roller diameter 80mm (key part diameter 90mm).
6. Special paper high speed gravure printing machine main unit inverter 7.5KW (Panasonic inverter + ABB motor).
7. Printing speed of 140 m / min, mechanical speed of 160 m / min;Note: The printing speed can reach 140 m/min within 120 g of paper thickness and 100 m/min between 120 g and 300 g of paper thickness.


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