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The main features of Lida Dry Lamination Machine

Dry Lamination Machine is two or more layers of material with adhesive bonding in a piece. Such as thin film and cloth fiber or glass cloth is often used. And paper, film, sponge, fabric and other complex.
The main features of Lida Dry Lamination Machine:
Dispensing roll: External disc – type double – position collection and discharge rack inflatable shaft with a safety chuck loading and unloading volumes, unwinding EPC device, changing the volume of automatic cutting, retractable volume horizontal linear cutter, both positive , Anti-cut and can achieve the gap receipt, winding neatly.With the release of the rolling device, can achieve zero tension unwinding;

Dry lamination machine

Dry lamination machine

Adhesive: Car type gravure coating, heavy pneumatic scraper. Active back pressure roller, coating roller are separate motor drive, coating tension control more stable and accurate;
Oven: Three sections of the top level of high efficiency constant temperature drying oven, the entire oven with negative pressure design, hot air does not blow out the oven, the wind pressure can create a low temperature and high wind speed drying. All nozzles are removable, easy to clean, adjustable distance between tuyere and material. Oven independent motor drive belt drive, the noise is very low;
Composite: three-roll compound pressure roller device to ensure that the uniformity of the uniformity of the surface;
Machine: PLC programmable logic controller for logic control and protection, five closed-loop tension control and display, transmission system used in all U-type belt drive.
The use of Dry Lamination Machine:
1. Application in the cast film, breathable film and non-woven fabrics and other materials on the paste.
2. Application of non-woven materials such as rubber compound (paste) and cutting processing.

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