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The main features of Rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure printing products with ink layer thick, rich layers, three-dimensional sense of strong, good quality printing, etc., mainly used for printing fine color pictures, trademarks, decorations, securities and color newspapers. As the Rotogravure printing machine plate process is complex, long cycle and containing benzene ink on the environment pollution, in China has not been widely used. Therefore, to improve the plate making process, shorten the plate making time, the use of non-polluting inks, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs and other measures are being studied in the improvement.

Rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure printing machine

The main feature of Rotogravure printing machine is that the graphic part of the plate is concave and the blank part is raised, and the layout of the letterpress printing press is just the opposite. Rotogravure printing machine in the printed color, the first plate immersed in the ink tank rolling, the entire plate surface was painted with ink layer. Then, the ink layer on the surface of the plate is scraped off, the raised portion is formed as a blank, and the recessed portion fills the ink, and the deeper the ink layer is deeper. Rotogravure printing machine transfers the ink of the recessed portion onto the printed matter by the pressure action to obtain the printed matter.
Printed multi-color when the use of overprint or indirect local ink method, so that the various colors of ink according to the needs of the distribution of the relevant parts of the plate, printed multi-color basic printing principle and printed monochrome the same. Rotogravure printing machine used in the printing plate there are two, one is gravure, that is, shadow version; the other is engraved version. Engraving engraving engraving, mechanical engraving and electronic sculpture and other methods.

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