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The precautions for using Rotogravure printing machine

When the Rotogravure printing machine in the printing, the plate cylinder full range of ink, with a squeegee to the blank part of the layout of the ink scraping, leaving the graphic part of the ink, and then paper, by the impression cylinder in the paper on the back pressure Printing, so that the concave part of the ink directly transferred to the paper, and finally by the paper part of the printed material will be stacked or rewound. What are the precautions for using Rotogravure printing machine?

Rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure printing machine

1, When operating the Rotogravure printing machine, do not put your hand into the machine running parts, especially the clamping roller.
2, Check the Rotogravure printing machine, you must turn off the main control cabinet on the main power switch.
3, In the shutdown operation adjustment, should lock the shutdown button.
4, For viewing electrical appliances, turn off the total power.
5, In the drying box on the hot roller on the wear and finishing, we must first turn off the heat source.
6, Before starting the machine should be admitted to dry oven ventilation and workshop ventilation normal.

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