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The principle of Solvent-less lamination machine

Solvent-less lamination machine is a kind of printing technology which uses solvent-less adhesive to combine two or more materials together,also known as reactive compound.And can be applied to solvent-less adhesive composite equipment.Solvent-less lamination machine is an environmental protection,economical flexible packaging composite material production technology,with remarkable economic,security and environmental protection advantages,the technology is now very popular in Europe and the United States, with the domestic demand for energy conservation , the application has increased significantly.

Solvent-less lamination machine

Solvent-less lamination machine

Operation principle of solvent-less lamination machine:It is a roll of material coated with a layer of specific function of the glue,paint or ink,etc.,and then finished by drying.It uses a dedicated high-speed coating head,can be useful to reduce the number of bubbles,retractable volume are equipped with full speed active film organization,double or single station,tension closed-loop active control and other equipment.

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