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The Solution to Common Problems in the use of Gravure Printing Machine

The Solution to Common Problems in the use of Gravure Printing Machine:
When the Gravure printing machine uses the solution to the common problems in gravure printing, the plate drum is printed on the full page, and the ink on the layout is scraped by a scraper, leaving some ink on the picture and text, and then over the paper. By stamping the drum on the opposite side of the paper, so that some of the ink recessed directly transferred to the paper, and eventually received some of the printing products will be piled or rerolled. Using the gravure printing machine, the ink color is not uniform printing products to show the appearance of periodic ink changes. The method of cleaning is to proofread the roundness of the plate drum, adjust the perspective, pressure, or replace the new scraper. The image level of the imprinted hair printing product is parallel and paste, and the edge of the picture and text presents the appearance of burrs.

Gravure Printing Machine

The cleaning methods are: Remove the external static electricity of the substrate, participate in the polar solvent in the ink, appropriately increase the printing pressure, adjust the orientation of the scraper and so on. The use of gravure printing machine, blocking the ink dry in the printed version of the mesh hole, or the printing plate of the mesh hole is filled with paper hair, paper powder appearance, called block plate. The cleaning methods are: increase the content of the solvent in the ink, reduce the ink boring speed, choose the paper with high external strength. Ink overflow printing products on the ground some of the appearance of mottled. The cleaning method has, increases the hard adjustment ink, the progress ink viscosity. Adjust the point of view of the concave printer cutters, improve the printing speed, and replace the deep mesh printing plate with the shallow mesh printing plate.

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