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The Workflow Of High-speed Coating Machine

When high-speed coating machine working,what is the workflow? What kind of function can it play, then we will tell you about the work flow of high-speed coating machine. Let’s take a look at it.
The workflow of high-speed coating machine:
The two ends of the high-speed coating machine are arranged on the vertical support arm of the high-speed coating machine, and are driven by belts, chains or cables to make the coating machine move up and down and coat along the surface of the screen. The actuator is connected to a servo or variable frequency motor for smooth operation and precisely controls the position of the coating mechanism.


Before using the high-speed coating machine, place a clean, well-formed screen from the front of the coater, and some models can also be loaded from the side of the screen, in the design for large-format network frame, the side Install version is more common, because the network box large and bulky, side mounted version, lift and move the amount of smaller. The side-mounted version is more convenient when the automatic screen coater is operated inline with other automatic screen processing equipment, such as cleaning equipment, recycling equipment, drying equipment, and a developer.
Regardless of how the screen is fitted, once the screen is in the correct position, the pneumatic or mechanical clamping device closes and the screen is locked. In order to operate more convenient, many models have pedals control version folder action, the operator can free up both hands to control the screen version. After installing the screen version, the automatic coating machine into the corresponding emulsion, you can start coating. Depending on the features of the control system and equipment, the equipment can coat both sides of the screen at the same time.
For the use of high-speed coating machine, the above is the workflow, presumably you through the introduction of this article, but also on the coating machine workflow has its own understanding, after coming in contact with the coating machine, you can Better to operate it.

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