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Waste heat recovery and utilization system of deodorizing unit for dry lamination machine

In the printing machinery manufacturing and sales business of DNK companies to jointly develop a recycling of dry lamination machine waste heat system. And strive to reduce the energy consumption of the drying device by 30%.
In the composite process, different films are attached to the printed film. The dry lamination machine means that the adhesive is applied to the film to dry it, and then strongly adhered to the other film.
Drying apparatuses such as dry lamination machines have a large energy consumption, so that waste heat from the deodorizing apparatus can be reused. (VOC) is contained in the exhaust gas of the dry-type compound machine drying apparatus. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate the VOC by the concentration apparatus, and then burn and remove the VOC at a high temperature of 800 ° C by the deodorizing apparatus to realize deodorization . The residual heat used for combustion was previously used as a heat source for steam boilers, but exhaust gases at around 100 ° C were discharged directly into the atmosphere.
Prior to the drying heater is heated through the drying device to the desired temperature. The new system can be used on the original heat with the exhaust gas drying device for the warm air, thereby reducing energy use. In order to solve the problem that the temperature of the recovered exhaust gas is not constant, a heat exchanger with adjustable temperature is provided. The two companies will actively use the new system for the company to use the dry lamination machine of other factories, will also be developed for other production equipment, drying system.
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