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What are the maintenance methods for DRY LAMINATION MACHINE?

The maintenance methods for DRY LAMINATION MACHINE are:
1、On the rubber roller and roll every day after the operation should be stained with glue to clean, if dry glue, absolutely can not use scraper.
2、DRY LAMINATION MACHINE operation in each class should be coiled to take some of the chain, sprocket filling oil 2-3 times a day after the operation, the machine should be scrubbed, the leakage of the adjustment screw dry, sliding surface after wiping And then drip the oil, 2-3 times a day to the open gear drive tooth surface plus grease, the network cable on the roller at both ends of the axis of the shaft inside the eye oil filling oil.



3、To avoid excessive glue and everywhere the phenomenon of sagging, if there should be immediately wipe clean, to avoid corrosion.
4、DRY LAMINATION MACHINE can not be free to open the transmission shield and drying tunnel, to avoid dust, impurities and personal injury.
5、DRY LAMINATION MACHINE operation if abnormal sound should be immediately stop inspection.

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