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What is Rotogravure printing machine?

Rotogravure printing machine is usually printed by circular crimping method,when printing, plate cylinder full range of ink, with a doctor blade will be part of the blank part of the ink scraping the net, leaving the graphic part of the ink,and then paper,printed by the impression cylinder on the back of the paper,so that the concave part of the ink directly transferred to the paper,and finally by the collection of some of the printed material collection.

Rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure printing machine mainly by the paper,to ink,printing,drying,receiving paper composition.
1、The paper feed section,there are sheets Rotogravure printing machines and web Rotogravure printing machine,so that paper stacking paper and roll paper are produced.
2、Print plate in the printing plate and the impression cylinder placed in a vertical, horizontal, skew 3, plate cylinder placed in the bottom. In general, each unit has a plate cylinder and an impression cylinder. In order to increase the printing pressure, and some with two impression cylinder.
3、The ink part of the plate cylinder will be some of the ink tank immersed in the ink directly to the ink and by the ink tank in the ink tank to the ink to the printing plate cylinder indirect ink, high speed machine also selected spray Ink method.
4、Drying part is the use of electric or steam heating hot air, and some with infrared or far infrared light to make the print dry.
5、Receiving part,the Rotogravure printing machine sheet is stacked piles, the web is to cut the paper tape to fold or roll it into paper rolls. The multi-color Rotogravure printing machine has some structural types of organic and satellite.

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