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Working Diligently,Final Harvest-ELS Rotogravure Printing Machine Successfully Passed The Acceptance of Span PRINTFA Company

As Spain’s well-known pharmaceutical packaging production enterprise, for the production of equipment procurement is cautious. From 2013, after a long consultation, a number of field visits, from the customer understands LIDA to the cooperation between LIDA and the customer.This is not only the trust and recognition to LIDA, but also the most powerful proof of LIDA machinery.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

This rotogravure printing machine has passed the EU CE standard test, using the German Rexroth bus control technology and Rexroth registration system, can print all kinds of paper, film, the whole printing speed up to 250m / min.Rewinding and unwinding using disc type+ linear structure cutter, which can fully adapt to the production needs of large diameter materials. Equipped with LEL automatic detection throttle automatic control system, can reduce more than 50% of energy consumption, reduce emissions by more than 50%.

Gravure Printing Machine

Excellent product quality, is the basis of customer trust. Lida Machinery and PRINTFA company through this successful cooperation, established a long-term strategic cooperative relations.Laid a solid foundation for the PRINTFA company’s next purchase of solvent-less lamination machine and dry-lamination machine.
Hope that China’s equipment manufacturing industry can enter the European market more, and show the charm of Made in china.

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